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Oct 18, 2014

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Sep 8, 2014

Vinyl Underground: Dillon Cooper

Brooklyn rapper Dillon Cooper visits Andre from the Vinyl team in London, to promote his upcoming album and first London tour gig.

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Sep 4, 2014
Ty Dolla $ign x Vinyl | The Beach House Tour | Official After Party
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Ty Dolla $ign x Vinyl | The Beach House Tour | Official After Party
For more in and table reservations #TyDollaSign #VinylLondon #Nicce #NicceLondon hosting #Raffles #club #rnb #hiphop #models #fashion #musicians #industry #creatives #vinylparties #raffleschelsea #exclusive #afterparty #party #trap #TaylorGang #beachhouse #thebeachhousetour #paranoid #OrNah @shaunicaballero @niccelondon @djmatchstick @djfricktion

Jul 13, 2014

Swvag dance music night this Friday 18th July @NineMembersClub #9ofClubs

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Vinyl Insights: Sorcha Newby

Article by Andre Denton-Stewart


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Hi there Sorcha, we love your name! Now tell us how you first got into modelling?

Growing up, I had never really thought about modelling. It was something I saw as way out of my league so the thought didn’t even cross my mind to try it out. But once I finished school and started studying Performing Arts at college, I learnt how to become more confident and push myself to try new things. Eventually, I was lucky enough to win the titles of Miss Rutland and Miss Champneys which placed me in the final of Miss England 2012! I met some amazing people and made quite a few crucial contacts which gave me a boost into the modelling industry. Two years later with a lot of hard work and incredible help of Ignite Media, I have worked with some of the best people and created some amazing images, music videos, films and walked in the most fantastic catwalks. It’s safe to say, hard work does pay off!

Certainly. How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?

I was so nervous, I was literally shaking. It’s a good job it was a photo shoot so you wouldn’t see it in the photographs. I modelled for Fresh Academy in there studio in Watford. I was completely new to having my photo taken by a professional and did not know how to control my face, at ALL. It was actually quite embarrassing. Thankfully, the team at Fresh taught me and guided me into understanding my best angles, how to work with the lighting and how to use your body to create the best image.  Once I knew this, Ignite trained me to become a professional and how to become the best model I can be. I will never be able to thank them enough.

Awesome, and what did your parents first think of you being a model-were they supportive?

I literally would not have made it this far without my parent’s support. My mum gave everything she had to support me through Miss England (which wasn’t cheap!), from funding me through to attending every part of the competition. Still to this day, she is always there for me when I need to ask for advice or help. The best thing I can do in return is to make her proud… and maybe buy her a Winnebago if I ever became rich.

Haha, I had to google Winnebago! What pressures have you had to deal with so far in your career?

So far, I feel like the only real pressure is juggling university with modelling. I have had to turn down some huge jobs for the sake of attendance. I’m currently studying Psychology at Birmingham City University and I love it. It’s intense, in depth, and I really did hit the ground running when I started the course last year. Although I love Psychology and one day hope to work with the mentally ill, I see modelling as my true passion in life. More and more jobs are coming my way and I really won’t be able to say no. If this means taking a year out of University to put all of my effort into modelling then so be it. After all, I want to chase my dreams, not watch them slip past me.

Hmm, that’s tricky. If you were not a model, what would you be doing instead?

I would have to be doing something creative. I don’t think I’m programmed to sit at a desk all day getting headaches from computer screens. I would still be studying Psychology, but I would probably paint. I would buy a massive canvas and paint whatever I was thinking. I wish I could do that now, but there’s only 24 hours in a day and I’m either studying or working.

Nice.. What are your guilty pleasures-food wise?

My biggest guilty pleasure (which I’m going to blame on University) is brownie in a mug. Saves washing up loads of pots and is insanely good. I seriously contemplated if I have ever lived before trying brownie in a mug. Same ingredients, prepared all in the mug, microwave and boom, done. I’m going to make one now.

Favourite Disney movie?

Mulan! Mulan is my favourite Disney Film.  The fact that it is completely different to most other Disney films of that era is probably why I like it the most. She cuts off all her hair and pretends to be a man! My hat goes off to her, amazing film.

That’s a cool movie. Best dressed celebrity?

Who do I think is the best dressed celeb? Angelina Jolie. She is the definition of classy. I like that she doesn’t try hard to stand out, but by doing so, she looks so effortlessly perfect. Girls don’t need to wear less to impress, elegance is much more beautiful.

What advice would you give to aspiring models?

My advice would have to be; no matter what people may tell you in this industry, no matter how many people judge and criticize you, always keep trying. You do have to have a thick skin in the modelling world. You can be told that you are too fat, too short, too ugly… Literally anything they don’t like about you, they will tell you. Don’t ever take things personally; everyone is beautiful in their own way and as long as you believe that, nothing will stop you from working hard and not giving up.

Where can you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

In ten years’ time, I would love to be comfortable, with someplace that I can call home with that special someone. I also would have travelled the world, experienced different cultures and eaten weird food. I hope that I’m happy with what I’ve achieved but will still be exploring what the world has to offer and still be modelling with the best in the industry!

Thanks for the talk Sorcha. Check out what she’s up to next:

Twitter: @SorchaNewby
Instagram: SorchaIgniteModel

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Vinyl Insights: Juliana & Rosalina Huber

Article by Andre Denton-Stewart


Vinyl London (Stalk us on Facebook:

Thanks for joining us, nice to see Vinyl turning into a family affair! So what made you decide to start blogging?

I think reading so diverse and exciting blogs really inspired me. Eventually I just wanted to give it a go. I’ve dabbled in a few different blogs (my first blog was only about my personal style) but nothing really stuck until I started Sisterholics with my sister.

Favourite fashion magazine?

I’d have to say Spanish Vogue for their editorials and I do also love Nylon for a younger, fresher vibe.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

A super light and super long trench coat for the London “spring” weather. For a dressier occasion, anything with an open back. Lastly, anything and everything that is all white. I can’t help but be inspired by Ivania Carpio from the blog Love Aesthetics.

If you were stuck on a desert island, who would be the one celebrity you would want to be left with and why?

I’d want someone whose fun and crazy with me… Probably Emma Stone, she seems like a hoot and her lip sync video had me in tears. She’s so hilarious, the time would pass without me even noticing and before we know it, we would be rescued. And of course we would then be best friends forever!

Ha. Her and J-Law are one alike…What exciting projects are you working on for 2014?

Sisterholics! We are working on developing and improving, learning from everything we’ve done so far. If all goes well, lots of traveling projects which will be featured on the blog, as well as a bit more diversity.

Currently we are working on a very small collaboration/project but it’s still too early to talk about it!

Groovy, and what exactly is

Sisterholics is a common ground where my sister, Rosalina, and I can share our lives and personal styles and keep up with each other. It’s a blend of fashion, food, travel, it is basically a little bit of everything.

Name 3 artists you’re listening to right now.

While this isn’t exactly one artist, I’ve been loving the playlists/remixes on the Majestic Casual Youtube channel. I’ve also been listening to Queen B-eyonce and The Beach Boys always make me want to get up and dance.

Majestic Casual is definitely something else - Favourite quote?

"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them." I believe it was Sylvia Plath who wrote this in The Bell Jar.

Man, i remember studying her in school. She was deep…what’s the one thing your readers would be surprised to find out about you?

Somewhere in the vast universe that is Youtube, there is a video of me dancing to Crank That by Soulja Boy with two of my friends. It is the most embarrassing thing you’ll never see.

Hilarious. Follow these two awesome bloggers on their social media:


Instagram: @sisterholics



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May 4, 2014

Vinyl Insights: Francesca Exposito

- Article by Andre Denton-Stewart (


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Nice to have you join us all the way from Naples Francesca! What made you decide to start blogging?

 I decided to open my blog driven by the desire to create my own space in which to share my passions, a kind of diary in which I write everything about fashion and cosmetics.

It’s definitely has to be one of the most interesting diaries i’ve had the pleasure of reading! What’s your favourite fashion magazine?

Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes.

Haha…and if you were stuck on a desert island, who would be the one celebrity you would want to be left with and why?

naaaa, no celebrities I’d rather my boyfriend

What exciting projects are you working on for 2014?

I’m working on a top secret project that I hope to unveil by the end of the year

Hopefully Vinyl will be one of the first to hear it…what is My Lovely World?

My Lovely World is my enchanted world, where there are no problems, there is no stress and there is no sadness, but a pink world where recreation and leisure.

Awesome! Name 3 artists you’re listening to right now.

Certainly Modà, because I love Modà and then Rihanna and Beatles

Favourite quote?

"Fashion changes, but style endures" by Coco Chanel

What’s the one thing your readers would be surprised to find out about you?

One thing that surprises everyone is definitely my phobia for dogs due to a childhood trauma.

Thanks for joining us Francesca. Be sure to follow her:



Read more of our interviews here:

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Vinyl Insights: Jeanette Walayatt


Vinyl Insights: Jeanette Walayatt, Fashion Blogger
Creator of “”

- Article by Kristofer Walkling
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Joining us all the way from Norway..! Jeanette, the Founder of WaWoBlogg..! Let’s get started, Who is your Number 1 favourite designer at the moment?

It’s a Swedish blogger and designer, Fanny Lyckman. I have followed her a long time and her collections are amazing and unique


[ Fanny Lyckman: ]

Scandinavian-Connection..! How would you describe your personal style in 5 words? 

Varied, playful and elegant at-the-same-time



And what really inspired you to start your own blog?

I wanted something fun and new as a hobby and blogging is what I went for. I don’t regret it for one second and I cannot believe that it became such a big part of my life.


In your opinion, what are the best and the worst fashion trends of spring 2014?

Actually I am a little fond of most of the fashion trends of spring 2014 and the best is definitely flower print. The good thing about fashion is that you can make almost any trend work, if you just do it the way you like it



What projects are you working on for 2014? 

I can’t say so much for the time being but I am very excited about this year and also the next year. I have some bigger moving plans which I am certain will be a much better way for me to promote both myself , the blog and other things I work on in my life.


Thanks for joining us Jeanette, we loved checking out your blog, and we recommend you guys to do so too:

Keep posted for our first Video interviews with creative people who are making big things happen..!

- Kris

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Vinyl Insights: Stefanija Vektere


Article by Xaxa Oh

- Fashion Writer

Vinyl London (Stalk us on Facebook:

How did you discover that you had a talent for make up artistry?

Since my childhood I was very interested in art and fashion, my family took me everywhere. I did a ballet class and theatre, but about age 7 I found an art class I wanted to take, that’s when I decided I wanted to be an artist.

Make up was always my hobby, I was doing make up for my friends and dance crew that I was a part of in my teenage years.

 When I went to study fashion I put it on the side, and it was only few years ago when I decided that I wanted to get into makeup artistry on a professional level.


Make up for Ryan Jagger in Pride London 2013 using Seventa Image make up

What were/are your greatest sources of inspiration and why?

I am inspired by everyday life and little details all the time; it can be places, people, mood, fashion and art, design, styling: all the beautiful and extraordinary things. My motto is to think outside of box!

I have always been very inspired by architecture and design. This year I teamed up with photographer Robert Lipnicki to create a year project- portrait series inspired by the world’s most unique architecture buildings. Each month we take one city and building or architect and create make up, styling and photography challenging the creative side of it.


-Braide A’ La Carte Make up done for Luxury VV magazine January 2013 Issue Photo: Konstantin Suslov Assistants: Sergei Valmont Dress by Suzie Turner Jewellery: Faberge, POA, Bentley & Skinner Style: Katti Poroshina Hair: Frederic Belanger MUA: Stefanija Vektere

What is your favourite feature to enhance on a face?

It has to be eyes- eyes can tell a lot about a person; whether it’s simple liner, false lashes or dramatic make up, eyes express your personality.

What type of face would you say is most conducive to the type of make up that you do? (i.e. almond shaped eyes are best for..)

I have a square facial shape myself, so to make my face softer I highlight the cheekbones, under eyebrow bone, upper lip area and top of the nose: contour and shade jaw lines, sides of my forehead and my nose, to make my face appear more oval shaped.


Final entry at Illamasqua Distictive Make Up Artistry Awards 2013 theme- Show us future on model Klaudija Vektere

What is your favourite type of make up to do? i.e. subtle and natural? Or dramatic and impactful?

I like both, but it would have to be dramatic.

My everyday make up is natural and subtle but I have big creative side where I love to experiment and go completely crazy, I love to dress up for events and create dramatic make up for models in theme shows, so I’m transforming the person with make up art.


Photography - Antanas Martinkus, creating make up inspired by Buddhist Temple in Cambodia using Seventa Image Make up

If you could work on any celebrity, which would it be? Male or female

Definitely Lady Gaga as she’s inspiring and a brave artist. I love people with big personalities who have unique beauty like Gwen Stephanie, Johnny Depp, Tilda Swinton.


Broken Doll theme shoot Robert Lipnicki photography, model- Klaudija Vektere, art direction and make up, Styling Stefanija Vektere

What is the biggest show you have been asked to do and what was it like?

The biggest show I did was London Pride, organized last year in Trafalgar square. I was part of Seventa Image make up team and done a few rock and pop artists as well actor, Kieron Richardson. It was an exciting opportunity, as it was a huge event and performers were all positive; the atmosphere was buzzing.

 Another time I had a great experience was assisting Ian Massa Harris and doing the makeup for Kitty Brucknells in the Skata awards, at Baftas 2013, where she was presenting one of the awards.

One of the most memorable experience was getting into the final four for Illamasqua Distinctive Make Up Artistry awards 2013, in Non- professional (self taught) category. I competed in front of judges, like make up artist Alex Box and Sam Fine, as well as Illamasqua Founder Julian Kynaston. I think being on stage and presenting my idea was the most amazing and unforgettable experience that made me realize I wanted to go into unique – creative make up concepts and always push the boundaries.


Pride London with Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson after doing his make up using Seventa Image make up products

How did you learn make up artistry?

Make up was my hobby for a long time besides my studies in London, where I graduated from Middlesex Uni with a BA in fashion design styling and promotion. So I decided to take a small basic make up course for myself just to know the basics, and hygiene for a make up artist. It didn’t really qualify me as a make up artist student, after that my professional life was on hold because I got pregnant.

Itt took a few years to realise I wanted to do make up full time while at home with my new born daughter in 2011. I started trying it out on my friends and my sister, I’m thankful to them for letting me create my ideas! Then I started to do shoots, and events; the first event was what really changed my makeup career, and it was being a part of the makeup team for Seventa Image. With this makeup company I had to create Face paint designs for a Horror Fashion House event organized by Super Star Club, where I met Nisso international and Ian Massa Harris who I assisted after.

I learned so much by assisting other professionals: doing make up for events, as you have to be fast and make quick decisions. I got a few good makeup books like ‘Make up Is art’ and basic make up books. I think with active social media networks nowadays, you can google and learn from many talented professional make up artists online on YouTube and the internet.


Creative Team at Imaginarium, Cirque Du Freek shoot with photographer- Rob Voodoo, performer Missa Blue and hairstylist Anna Romanenkova

Which make-up provider do you think has the best products?

There are many makeup brands I love, but some products I love are:

Illamasqua - skin base foundation; hydra veil primer and eyeliners are fabulous.

Seventa Image - long lasting eye shadows; their palettes have big variation of colours too as well as their voluminasing mascara, which does miracles.

Kryolan – highlighter and concealer palette lasts forever.

Mac eye pencils; liners are great.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tarts are pigmented and I love variations of colours

Eldora False eyelashes - amazing quality lashes, which can be reused many times

From high street brands I really like: Sleek lip palettes and Bourjois foundations, and clear lip-gloss and bronzer.


BLACK Photography - Rob Voodoo Photography, Make up Stefanija Vektere using Seventa Image make up Hairstyling - Anna Romanenkova Model- Klaudija Vektere Lighting- Max Brill

Would you advise an item of make-up that no girl should leave the house without?

There are few make up items always in my bag: bb cream- moisturiser and foundation in one; highlighter is probably my favourite product as it can be used everywhere on your eyelids. Also on your cheekbones and lips to make your skin look fresh and glow; eyebrow pencil that can be used for eyes, bronzer and lip-gloss.


Editorial published in Switch Magazine April Issue Photographer- Steven Harrison Brown Stylist- Sapphire Morris Hair stylist- Alex Rainbow Make up artist- Stefanija Vektere Model- Isabelle Allan Male Model- Marcelo Lourenco Assistants- Ian Trayner, Jillian Sanchez, Veronika Kotnova

Thanks for joining us Stefanija! Here’s her personal info if you want to get in contact:

Professional portfolio:

Facebook make up page:

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @stefanijasteffy